The Great Dane and Puddin Jack Russell Terriers love home and family above all, with a stable temperament and a sweet attitude. The Great Danes is big and strong, but he is very sensitive and needs to be by your side. The Dane wants to please you and he will if you are gentle and consistent in your handling of him. The Dane is very affectionate with the family (most Danes are dependable and devoted to children). He is good with the people he knows but may be aloof with strangers until he knows them better. The Dane is courageous and protective and does fine with other animals.

Puddin Jack Russells are fiesty, playful and willful dogs with huge personalities.  They love their families and do great with children.  Bred in the late 1800's to hunt verman and help rid disease and than later bred to Hunt fox, diving into there dens to flush them out the versatility of these little bundles of energy are endless.

Please remember that the ownership of any dog involves responsibility and commitment. There are a few things to ask yourself before purchasing any dog.

Shamus in the Texas Blue Bells

 Can you afford the dog? 

Not just the purchase price of the dog, but the many years of expenses that come with any dog i.e., food, routine vet visits, emergencies that always seem to happen at the worst possible time. 

Do you have time and energy that a puppy or even an adult needs to have for just them? 

If you are already "stressed out" by your daily schedule, how are you going to care for your "four-footed" friend?

Are you and your entire family committed to bringing a puppy or adult into your family? Never forgetting that the puppy (or adult) was invited there by you, and that you are responsible for seeing that he is taken care of properly. 

Freya is a Broken Coated Puddin Jack Russell

We could write pages and pages to tell about the Great Danes and Puddin Jacks, but we will try to be brief and just give you a general idea. Every Dog is different. First and foremost the Great Dane/Puddin Jack is a canine, but like every breed the Dane & Puddin Jacks have certain characteristics that have been purposely bred in and refined for generations. They offer so much in their lives: companionship, joy, loyalty and fulfillment.

Great Danes/Puddin Jacks are a beautiful,  magnificent, strong willed, playful breeds. They also require a lot of time, energy and money to be raised properly and successfully  

Our dogs and pups are raised in our home.  My husband, Paul, pictured above gets “kicked out” of his man cave and that becomes our whelping room, a safe, climate controlled environment where both mama and I take up residence a few weeks before her due date and the “watch” begins for that first sign of puppies on the way.  

Pups get to go outside at 4-5 weeks of age, at that point they are allowed supervised play, safely in there puppy playpens where they get to start to explore and play.  

Our pups go home with a shot record showing their first puppy shots and their de worming schedule