Davis CPS Black Sambucca 


Zoe is our 2 year old Black female and is just one of a kind.  One of the most loving, loyal, faithful and beautiful Danes I have ever owned.  She is full of fun and very playful.  This will be her first litter and we truly believe she is going to be a fantastic mom.  When Zoe was a year old she saved an abandoned kitten that was left by its mom in a tree stump on our property.  Standing over that stump she barked and barked until she had my attention and I walked out to see what the fuss was.  There, in the stump, were 3 new born kittens one already gone, another barely surviving and then “Stump” who sadly was the only survivor of the litter, we lost the litter mate shortly after I got them into the house.  You can see Zoe’s kitten “Stump” by taking a look at our photo pages. Take a look below at how beautiful our Zoe has matured.