These are the crew at Claddagh Pastures Great Danes. They are our personal pets, our family members.


“Zoe” – Davis CPS Black Sambucca is a rare gem. If I could say that I have been blessed again with the Great Danes of my past all rolled into one, it’s with our Zoe. Even taking away her unbelievable coat, confirmation and all around attitude Zoe brings together the attitudes of my beloved Danes that have crossed the rainbow bridge. She is my shadow, giving new meaning to not going anywhere alone. Her loyalty and gentleness far surpass what a canine should be blessed with always knowing when I need her to sit quietly next to me, or when to be a goof after a hard day on the farm or at work. Loyally at my side if she senses I’m upset or don’t feel well. Her steadfast ability to “get her way” with her crazy “bob and weave” maneuver that she does with her head and neck in order to not get caught and put to bed unless she wants go or while making sure I’m, at least coming with her. She is, by far, one of the best Danes I have ever owned. It has always been my dream to be able to continue all the good qualities the Great Dane has to offer and it has taken me most of my adult life to find a pair that I truly believe will pass all the superior qualities of the Great Dane on, with Zoe we believe her off-spring will be exceptional, well rounded pups that will be a joy to their new families

“Shamus” – Davis CPS Sippin’ the White Vino, is a dog who managed to BE his name in all sense of it.  I cannot lie, our Shamus loves to have the last sip of wine, (especially from his nana who thinks she’s sneaking him a sip) I must note here I don’t condone giving alcohol to your pet, just sometimes it’s a treat lol. His entire life Shamus has had the look of nonchalance in his beautiful eyes.  His whole demeanor is that of an unhurried gentleman of old where the only thing that was thought of on a daily basis was how to enjoy life with as little movement as possible.  Shamus’s beautiful blocky head and wide chest, strong straight bones are all things you see right away at first glance … we call Shamus the “gentlemen” of the house.  His laid back attitude and overall gentleness in his baring make you want to sit next to him on a front porch rocking all day, taking a nap with a cool mint julip on your other side.  

“Jackson” – Davis CPS Irish Whiskey, not to be left out is our Jackson.  He is the full brother to Shamus and a dog who has matured to a huge beautiful Great Dane.  We rescued Jackson from his original owner who had to re-home him due to divorce.  I was very skeptical at taking Jackson in as he wasn’t raised by me from 8 weeks of age and was bout 4-5 months old when we took him.  The decision was made to bring him into our family because he was Shamus full brother and when you get a look at him you can truly see in him the foundation breeding that Great Dane breeders all over strive for.  Jackson is 155 pounds of love and mush.  With his huge droopy jowls and big yawning eyes it was a very tough decision on my part on who would start the Claddagh Pastures line.  As serious and laid back as his brother is, is as goofy and loopy that Jackson can be.  If they were human Jackson would be the fun-loving brother always just scraping out of trouble because of his wit and charm… where Shamus is the laid back serious one that can be goofy but only saves the energy for that for special occasionsJ.  Our pack would not be complete without him and it was the best decision to bring him into our family and is truly the family dog….although my husband says Jackson is his dog lol