Claddagh Pastures The Instigator aka "Piper"


Piper came to us from a rescue located in Killeen, TX.  She was at an event held in Austin, TX at the conference center, there in a kennel looking up at me as I walked by shaking, scared and confused was a little 6 pound bundle of cuteness.  We brought her home and she promply became best friends with Zoe, who she plays with without fear of being hurt.  Zoes natural instinct to mother came out immediately and she plays with Piper all day .. and night.  The boys on the other hand where a different story.  Shamus was not impressed at all and looked at me and them looked away not happy I'd brought home something else to annoy him.  Jax thought she might be great to play with but after a few near misses as he leaped around like a rabbit in front of her is 150 pounds of bulk was told to lay down and he greeted Piper that way.  Piper has no fear of her giant sister and brothers and torments them to no end.. Hanging off of one face or another or chasing them around nipping at their hocks.  My now 12 pounds of pup rules the Great Danes in this house with a an iron nip and crazied barking at times.  Our Piper is one of a kind and we cant imagine life here at the farm without her.

Full of cuteness

This picture was taken just a few days after we got Piper and already you can see how sweet Zoe is with her