I had the incredible opportunity to breed Zoe to a Black 50% European bred Great Dane "Dolce".  He comes from a strong line of champion Great Danes from foundation Great Dane breeders of the Harlwood, Amherst-Harlwood & Riverwood Danes.  

He is a beautiful shimmering ebony, with classic Great Dane confirmation and a giant square head.  His extremely expressive eyes draw you in and his attitude is one of quiet gentleness as any Dane should have.  It was an opportunity to not only fulfill my dream of breeding a superior Great Dane but of creating my own line.  He is exceptional and his past puppies have been big boned, intellegent, gentle and quick to learn.  We look forward to seeing the pups that will come from Zoe and Dolces breeding.  I cant thank Funky Danes enough for giving me this opportunity